Through my art I want to send good messages and good vibes.
It’s just something I can’t always put into words and it feels good.
The best part is it comes naturally.
– Vic Garcia –

I am a first-generation Cuban-American who has never been to the island my family fled. I hope to one day bring my art to a free Cuba.

It was as a business student in Boston, searching for a suitable path and no interest in art, that my world was discovered. What started as pen and marker drawings on copy paper quickly evolved into a whole world populated by an overflow of characters I created. Using my art to express things I never could with words, my freestyle work and newly realized passion soon began to infest my room from walls to beneath the bed. Everyone, from my friends to guests, wanted to take a piece of my art home with them, but it wasn’t until after college, when I went to work for my dad that it became obvious that art had completely taken over my life. Lost in the world I created, I made the decision to go full-throttle into what came so naturally to me. Today, my ability to bring good vibes and happy people into my world, has catapulted me into the hearts and minds of many.

My world is an open book and a limitless dimension. One day, I had a thought that my characters can be turned into toys and statues and it suddenly became clear these were more than just paintings. Every character has a story, every piece has a message, and every time my paint touches a canvas, wall, or paper, I have a vivid intention of what I want to share with the world.

My heart is magnetic to the youth. As an uncle of 10, kids are the main inspiration for me. A teacher once told me to stop doing stick figures, and that’s why I do them, in honor of that teacher. Children can Dream Big if they put their mind, passion and devotion towards what they love. Knowing that my grandparents risked everything to leave Cuba with nothing and start a new life for the better of their kids and the family that followed, is what inspires me to try and change the world as I see it. With the encouragement of my parents, I was shown that if I put my heart and passion into what I love, everything I can imagine can become a reality.