“A Jack of All Trades”
6ft x 3ft

“JMB Forever”
3ft x 4ft

JMB Forever

“Buggs Bunny’s Epic Trip”
6.2ft x 3.8ft

Money Man's Green Mind

“Money Man’s Green Mind”
4ft x 3ft

Work In Progress

“Work In Progress”
4ft x 3ft

“Flower Nose & The Kids”
3.4ft x 2.6ft

“We’re Back With 11 Plus”
3.4ft x 2.6 ft

“Purple Heart, Purple Dreams”
3.4ft x 2.6ft

Hi Hi Hi

“Hi Hi Hi”
1.10ft x 2.4ft

“Biggie & Panda Show Down”
4.10ft x 3.8ft

“Miss Electrify Came On In”
4ft x 3ft

“The Aliens Invaded VGA World”
3.4ft x 2.6ft

“Miss Polka Dot Galore”
6.4ft x 5.8ft

Miss Polka Dot Galore

“Boombox and Smiles”
5ft x 3.9ft

“You Can Call Me Maria”
4ft x 2ft

“Robo Boys Blue Dot Galore”
2ft x 3ft

“Smile Always, Smile Often”
3ft x 4ft

“Biggie Had A Dream”
3ft x 3ft

“Miss Heartbreak Meets Robo Boy”
5ft x 5ft

“Jackson vs. VGA (part 3)”
5.7ft x 3.5ft

“She Reminds Me of A Westside Story”
6.2ft x 3.8ft

“The Start of Flower Nose”
5.9ft x 3.8ft

“Jackson vs. VGA”
5.7ft x 3.10ft

“The Beaches of Brazil”
2.6ft x 4ft

“Biscayne Blue Monster”
3ft x 5ft

Biscayne Blue Monster

“I Dream… (Fill in the Blank)”
3.4ft x 2.6ft

Haring Forever

“Haring Forever”
4ft x 3 ft

“The Hands in Power of Cuba Keeps me Yawning”
4.8ft x 3.7ft

“Miss Red Flame”
3ft x 2ft

“Miss Boos Bad Nightmare”
2ft x 4ft